Private Web Presence


Private activities and interests:

Nature and technology, economics,
entrepreneurship, philosophy, psychology,
life and career counseling, writing.


Natur und Technik, Wirtschaft,
Entrepreneurship, Philosophie, Psychologie,
Coaching, Autorentätigkeit.

Ralf G. J. Knoll
- Autodidact -

Professional activities as a physicist, consultant and entrepreneur can be found under "Other Sites"


In my opinion, private websites are not just mute self-presentations but represent the essential elements of social networks and a means for like-minded people, who are interested in finding others, to share or test their new ideas.


This is especially important for freelance/single entrepreneurs, philosophers and almost anyone who loves to be creative.


And as a freelance writer and (hence) an investigative journalist specialising in scientific literature, I would like to use this website to announce some upcoming publications and events.


Feeds and more information will follow.



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