Analytical Philosophy


Attitude / Beliefs:


The following terms might be useful for a quick but very rough description of my attitudes and beliefs:



and also: agnostic, monistic, "deist" (agnostic theism), humanist, skeptic, romanticist, idealist.


Areas of interest:


The following represents my areas of interest, including several examples of my main concerns:


- Modern natural philosophy (theories of evolution, life and matter, transhumanism)


- Philosophy of technology (advancement and evolution as one law of nature, extropy)


- Sociobiology / Philosophical anthropology (cybernetic anthropology)


- Psychology (developmental/social psychology, singles and partner selection)


- Epistemology / Philosophy of science (formal logic, systems theory, AI)


- Philosophy of economics (corporate ethics, economization of life)


- Metaphysics (cosmology, anima mundi as collective unconscious, Gnosticism, CPR)


- Ethics (categorical imperative, meta-ethics)




I attended, and also founded, some philosophical discussion groups, especially to ponder over the many different “theories of evolution”. New members are welcome.


German version of „Areas of interest“:


Nachfolgend meine Interessensgebiete mit einigen beispielhaften Schwerpunkten:


- Moderne Naturphilosophie (Evolutionstheorien, Leben u. Materie, Transhumanismus)


- Technikphilosophie (Fortschritt und Evolution als ein Naturgesetz, Extropie)


- Soziobiologie / philosophische Anthropologie (kybernetische Anthropologie)


- Psychologie (Entwicklungs- und Sozialpsychologie, Singles und Partnerwahl)


- Erkenntnistheorie / Wissenschaftstheorie (formale Logik, Systemtheorie, KI)


- Wirtschaftsphilosophie (Unternehmensethik, Ökonomisierung des Lebens)


- Metaphysik (Kosmologie, Anima Mundi, Gnosis, KrV)


- Ethik (Kategorischer Imperativ, Metaethik)

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